A recent Google survey of Smartphone users threw up an interesting disclosure, that over 93% use their Smartphone’s at home or while they are traveling. And what more, they are using it to browse websites, shopping or looking up information or banking and so on.

Like it or not, Mobile websites are the future of web marketing. Internet will no more be just restricted to desktop or laptop computers. It will cover a whole array of computer systems with high mobile technology. Businesses need to realize the writing on the wall and make a switch to mobile websites as well while continuing to stick to desktop websites. This way they can exponentially increase the profitability and visibility of their business site.

Mobile Website is much more complex than desktop website and needs to be complete and effective on a tiny display screen which they interact with using fingers. DesignClub7 has the expertise and skills to design a mobile-oriented website with all the elements that can adapt to the operating systems and browsers of smart phones.

DesignClub7 team are well-placed to offer Smart / Mobile Phone Web version that can be optimized to make it appear on good rankings when a user conducts a mobile search related to your products or services. The designs so devised will ensure a compelling mobile presence that will be easily accessible through compatible handsets with an interface that helps showcases your products and services effectively to potential buyers. In addition, we will also ensure that the mobile website will be platform-independent thus giving you an all-out edge over competitors.

Some notable highpoint features offered will include –

  • Visually appealing and easy-to-navigate websites.
  • Simple, linear interface with minimal left or right navigation.
  • Effective placement of content.
  • Small-sized mobile page that will help sites load easily while not consuming excess phone memory.
  • Potential buyers will be automatically routed to your mobile website when they call for it.

Mobile Website is the future and the day is not far off when people will search for you on their mobile devices only. Stay ahead of the trend by getting yourself a mobile website from DesignClub7.com while displaying how your business is technologically advanced.