For a project to be successful, it’s essential to have a comprehensive understanding of your client’s business and objectives. Project Management does exactly just that for it manages a project and helps it run smoothly and successfully.

DesignClub7 Project Management services span the entire life cycle of a project covering every category. Our team of project professionals including project managers have extensive skills and experience of managing projects of any kind across industries.

Constantly monitoring the technical performance of the development team, our project managers measure the predefined performance plan and manage the scope, schedule and resource allocation to ensure that your project is delivered well on time and within budget.

Working with your team, our team identify which configuration of our services will achieve your required outcome and then based on the same provide solutions to achieve these objectives, while also adding value.

Our Project Management methodology works as follows–


  • Devising project scope and plan.
  • Setting team composition, infrastructure requirements and performance metrics.


Project is divided into components, each manned by agile and competent workforce. This is supplemented by effective planning and management of resources in a decentralized manner project-based business while adjusting to changes in project demand.


Close track of time and expenses incurred in the project is ensured to account for project costs, track budget versus actual, and above all, analyze real-time reliable project time and cost information. This is essential to make timely and sound business decisions.


Project Managers will keep a close check on the work process and ensure that they are being done according to defined industry standards.


Precise and accurate reports regarding project status, cost and revenue information is ensured so that better decisions can be made to ensure correct and flawless flow of communication all across.