Everyone who has a website would like to have their Site high up ranking on the first page of the search engines. But reality is that not all can achieve that privilege as a result of which the real worth of a website goes waste.

But now that can be changed thanks to a technique called Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Search Engine Optimisation provides search engines like Google, the key indicators that sums up your business and the services provided by your business. So when a web browser types in a keyword to look up pages that matches the keyword typed, SEO brings forward on the search pages all those websites that contains such keywords.

DesignClub7.com provides high quality SEO solutions that helps optimize all the sites designed by not only us, but others as well. Over the years, we have mastered the art of search engine optimization that offers great organic positioning for our clients. Our specialty lies in understanding what exactly stimulates search engines and what is needed to achieve higher hit rates and incremental clicks that correlate with your site information.

A fine team of SEO professionals with sound experience in different facets of SEO gives us the ability to take on challenging SEO tasks. Using a mix of precise content analysis and keyword allocation along with online indexing, we get our solutions to get what is needed from your web page. This in turn ensures that your website to move up the search engine rankings route and appear on the first page of the search results. This helps your site to be noticed instantly by web browsers, leading to higher sales conversions and will ultimately bring more business to your organization. In addition, we can also help you know as to who your clients are by using more measured results and statistics. Our full reporting allows you to track our results back to key word level. The entire strategy helps to generate greater brand awareness.

Our solutions include –

  • Meta Tags Preparation.
  • Image & video Optimization.
  • Content Optimization for Keyword Relevancy.
  • XML sitemaps, RSS feed and pad file.
  • LSI implementation.
  • Keywords Placements.
  • Title Preparation.
  • Robot File Preparation.
  • Page Name Changes.
  • Title description for TABLES.
  • Cross checking Links.
  • 100% HTML or XHTML validations.
  • 100% CSS validations.

You only need to provide initial KEYWORDS that will help us collect other relevant KEYWORDS for our optimization task.


  • Our search engine optimization approach is different from our rivals..
  • We adopt ethical, safe research based search engine optimization techniques that protects your website and brand.
  • Our results are fast and we work to time scales, discuss conversions and understand your business.

Your business needs high ranking and effective qualified hits and our ability to track and measure always ensures that your goals are met.

PRICE Starts at - Rs. 12000.00

NOTE: The above price includes optimization for 10 individual web page website, for each additional web page we raise an invoice Rs. 1000.00.
Call Us today to find how our expertise can be leveraged to ensure online engine market place dominance for your organization.