A virtual environment hosted on a node server with several other Virtual Private Server (VPS) is ideal for hosting multiple sites, without having to invest in the hardware for running your own standalone, physical server. If you have outgrown your standard reseller account and have no choice but to upgrade to a dedicated environment.

The benefits of going in for a Virtual Private Server includes –

  • You can have your own server, more or less, add programs and features as you like within your own environment without being at the mercy of other users.
  • Where you are using a control panel such as Cpanel, it helps to move all your data and websites without causing any downtime or hassle to your customers. offers advanced VPS hosting at an affordable price with powerful virtual private servers. Using the latest generation of servers, processors, and high-performance disks, we are well-placed to provide one of the most advanced virtual server platforms.

If you are having a busy, demanding or mission-critical website, our customizable VPS hosting will be most ideal since it allows you to take control of your resources. You can take your pick of our VPS hardware specifications, disk types (standard or SSD) operating system, control panel and billing period that is right for you.

As and when your requirements grow, we can upgrade your VPS to meet existing contingencies and can also fully customize post-purchase for you will require only a reboot for them to take effect. All upgrades are pro-rated from point of purchase.


A Dedicated Hosting Service, Dedicated Server, or Managed Hosting Service is leased without being shared with anyone. Considered to be more flexible than Shared Hosting, as it facilitates organizations to have full control over the server(s) including choice of operating system, hardware, etc. Dedicated servers are most often housed in data centers, similar to collocation facilities, providing redundant power sources and HVAC systems. Dedicated Servers provide unparalleled server specification, bandwidth and service for a decent fee and no setup charges. Our advanced dedicated server technology built to the highest specification backed by the highest of Dell and Intel technology.

You have the choice of choosing from either Linux or Windows dedicated server operating systems, and Dual Core or Quad dedicated server’s processor. On your payment being processed, the Dedicated Server will be setup automatically with the operating system of your choice.

Operating system support may include updates to the core system that allows to acquire the latest security fixes, patches, and system-wide vulnerability resolutions. Updates to core operating systems include kernel upgrades, service packs, application updates, and security patches that keep server secure and safe.

Our dedicated servers give you the control and reliability you need for your internet presence and can deliver the performance, reliability and power your business needs. And our operating system updates and support relieves you from the burden of server management. With an affordable dedicated server hosted by, you can experience complete control over your server and run even the most demanding applications seamlessly.